Before moving to the course, please ensure you have set up your coding environment.

You need to install a few tools.

1. vs code (text editor)

2. gcc compiler (to compile CPP file)

Download and install software from above link. If you are facing any problem while installing then follow these steps and write your first program.

TDM-GCC installation guide

Uncheck check for update option and click on create.

Click next with the default installation directory.

Select install type TDM-GCC Recommended C++ and click on install

Now open command prompt and type these commands.

1. cd Desktop

2. mkdir oop

3. cd oop

4. code . & exit

Now the console screen will close and vs code editor will open at the current working directory(oop).

Create a new file by clicking on the file icon on the left side as per the picture and name it hello.cpp and write your hello world program. You can take help from the picture.

Open embedded terminal by clicking on the terminal on the tab bar

Now compile your program by typing g++ hello.cpp. It will give you compiled and executable code(a.exe), if your program is error-free.

Now type ./a.exe to run the program.

Hurray! you wrote your first CPP program.